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        해외배팅업체 순위

        Save up to 90% on your calls and data usage wherever you are in the world!

        Our international SIM cards, global SIM and cheap international call services all provide major savings if you use your mobile phone or landline either at home or abroad. Say goodbye to mobile phone roaming charges, expensive call costs and extortionate data prices!

        Cheap International Calls

        Most popular calling destinations

        Now it is easier than ever before to make cheap international calls from a landline. All you need to do is dial one of our access numbers and then enter the number you wish to call. We then automatically route your call through our platform and save you up to 90%!

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        Why 0044?

        Our promises to you...


        100% honest, impartial advice & support.


        Constantly striving to save you money.


        Quick and friendly customer support.


        Simple, easy to use, our products just work.

        International SIM Cards

        Most popular International SIM Cards

        Now it is easier than ever to use data abroad just like you would at home. Email, browse the web, message and call using apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, iMessage and Skype, plus find your way with Google Maps.

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